Louisa Centre Gun Club

actively promoting rifle shooting

Louisa Centre Gun Club
- actively promoting rifle shooting

Our club

If you live in the County Durham area & are interested in the sport of Target Rifle Shooting you have come to the right site.

Our club started life as the Stanley Gun Club. It is based at The Louisa Centre in Stanley where we have operated for over 40 years. We work closely with the management of this facility and exist harmoniously alongside all of the other clubs & associations within the centre.

The club aims to actively promote and develop the sport of Target Rifle Shooting within the community. We are primarily a recreational club, bit we encourage and coach members to improve their performance and to take part in national competitions. We have several members who regularly compete at Bisley.

We have access to a 6-lane 25m indoor rifle range within the Louisa Centre, available to our members on two evenings per week, Wed & Fri, from 7-9pm, when they can use Small Calibre Rifles, Pistol Calibre  Carbines LBR, LBP & Black Power Firearms. We also have access to full-bore outdoor range facilities at Ponteland & Catterick ranges throughout most months of the year.

We have a thriving membership, across all ages & genders, but we welcome and encourage new members, whether novice or experienced. We also have a growing junior membership and seek to encourage young people between the ages 14-18 years to engage ion this pursuit within a totally supervised, safe, controlled environment. We are also able too provide disabled facilities within the Louisa Centre ensuring that any shooter with a disability is able to actively pursue their sport.

We are fully registered with all of the appropriate and official organisations and we enjoy an excellent working relationship with our local Police Firearms Department.

Our club is registered with the National Rifle Association (NRA), National Small-Bore Rifle Association (NSRA) & is licences by The Home Office.

Our Home Office Approval number is 07/01/07/04/01/02/01/02/03/34.


Club facilities

We offer members the opportunity to shoot at both our indoor gallery type range,  & the two outdoor range complexes we have access to.

The indoor range is approved for small-bore rifles, pistol calibre carbines & black powder pistols. In addition there is a club room where refreshments are available. 

Our outdoor ranges are used for full-bore, larger calibre rifles.

Gallery rifle shooting has become more popular since cartridge firing pistols were sadly banned in 1996. This takes place on Wed & Fri evenings from 7-9pm. We offer bench-rest or standing on four lanes with two lanes for prone. We run club competitions regularly which we encourage all members to participate in, however, the choice is always their choice.

The full-bore ranges are 'military' or MOD type & offer a variety of distances from 100-1000 yards. We usually book those ranges for full days once per month (Sat or Sun), from Feb-Nov. We also run 'full-bore' competitions. Our full-bore shoots are open to non-members and guests also. 

Our club has a selection of club rifles for use by club members as necessary. These range from single shot .22 target rifles and semi-automatics up to 7.62 bolt-action rifles. The small .22 calibre rifles provide inexpensive shooting & are very popular. Our members use a vast variety of their own firearms from modern day rifles to those dating back to WW1 & even as far as American Civil war.

Firearms safety is foremost in all club shooting activities. We provide all members with tuition & guidance in forearms handling & safety, particularly our novice & junior members.   

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Friday, Aug 12 at 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Wednesday, Aug 17 at 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
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Wednesday, Aug 24 at 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM